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Jonathon is an army brat who has lived in seven states, in four countries, and on three continents. Having spent most of his childhood on dirt roads in Missouri, Jonathon made the trek to New York City at age 19 to pursue a career in performing arts. Six months after attending his first dance classes, he was cast in the National Tour of Fosse where he played an ensemble track, tumbled across stage in Shoeless Joe, and sang the featured solo, Mr. Bojangles. One year and 97 cities later, he booked the Oklahoma! First National tour after only two days back in the Big Apple. He subsequently was featured in shows like Aida, Carousel, and Singing in the Rain in cities such as Miami, Boston, and Salt Lake City.


Jonathon transitioned to the academic world when he transfered into Columbia University in the city of New York, earning a BA in English & Comparative Literature in 2009. Last year, he was awarded a coveted Exceptional Talent visa to eh UK and, after being a manny, a personal assistant, a Fire Island bartender, and undergoing spinal fusion, Jonathon now resides in London where he is pursuing a career in television and film!

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